It’s so hard to stay motivated to workout regularly, especially once the winter months start to creep up on us.

Here are few tips on how to stay motivated:

1.  Tell your self you will only have to do 10 minutes.  Any workout is good, but most likely once you do your 10 minutes your blood will start pumping and you will end up finishing your full workout.

2. Do a class instead of your regular routine.  Change is good and 45-minute class might be fun and you might end up burning more calories than usual.

3. Ask a friend to do a workout session with you. Laughter burns calories too!

4. Hire a personal trainer to help you step up your workout.

5. Take it easy and do a yoga or Pilates class for beginners.

6. Make a new playlist for your ipod and take it for a test run.

7. Buy a new workout outfit; looking good will encourage you to stay sexy.

8. Take a walk.  Fresh air will help you get more energy and longer walk session.

9. Reward yourself, walk to the place you will eat at.

10. Track your result by keeping an log of your daily exercise.

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