My recent trip to Montreal included a visit to a floating boat spa called BOTA BOTA anchored in Montreal’s Old Port. This mid-century ferryboat was given new life with a complete gut and renovation, and is now a must try spa experience for many travelling to Montreal.

On this particular day, the weather was terrible.  It was raining quite hard, so I decided to stop at Simons and purchase a bathing suite and visit these outdoor whirlpool bath.  Since reservations weren’t required for the water circuit, I had a nice lunch at Olive Et Gourmando and headed to the spa.

Upon arriving, I proceeded to the change room.  There were lockers that looked like the ones you’d see on an army boat.  I got changed, and headed to the each floor to check out all the facilities.

The top decks housed a sauna and a steam bath. I opted for the floor with this beautiful Eucalyptus steam room and did my water circuit on this floor using the outdoor whirlpool, sauna, and took a few quick dips in the cold bath.

The whole idea of the water circuit is to spend 10-15 minutes in sauna or steam room, followed by a total body immersion in a cold water bath – you can also opt for a cold shower.  This therapy offers numerous benefits including elimination of toxins, improve blood circulation, and above all releases stress and tension.

There a few books around in the lounges that you can read, and listen to beautiful music.   I simply sit back, relax and enjoy the natural lulling movements of the St. Lawrence River and the stunning views of Old Montreal.
Bota Bota
358, rue de la Commune Ouest
Quais du Vieux-Port de Montreal

twitter: @bota_bota

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