Here are some spots to eat and shop in San Francisco Bay Area.

Shabuway is a authentic Japanese style shabu shabu (hot pot)

The concept is easy, you need to first pick your broth, Seaweed or Miso broth (or both).

You can go vegetarian or experience the most delicious Kobe Beef in your life.  The meat is sliced in the middle of the restaurant.

Shabuway Restaurant

Dip your meat and your cooked vegetables into Ponzu or Sesame sauces. Sip on sake or tea.

 Shabuway – All you can eat shabu shabu

The restaurant recently celebrated their 5 year anniversary and ran a special on all you can eat shabu-shabu for only $24.99.


Sushi Maru  in Milpitas has some of the best Japanese dishes around.  It has a great sushi bar which is surrounded by little floating ships serving up an assortment of

traditional sushi dishes.  While everything looked great, we lucky enough to indulge in some off menu delicacies.  A real treat!

Sushi Maru

This special order sashimi plate included Oho Toro from both Maguro (Bluefin tuna) and Hamachi (Yellow tale), lightly seared Salmon toro, and Mirugai (Geoduck clam).

 Sushi Maru

 Asian Village in Sunnyvale is another hidden gem with great Hong Kong/Vietnamese cuisine.  One of their specialties is deep fried Dungeness crab, crusted with the yolk

from salted duck eggs.  You rarely see this dish anywhere outside of Asia.

Asia Village


One of the Bay Area’s finest shopping is Stanford Shopping Center.  It is an open air center that features over 140 stores, cafes and European style street markets.


Stanford Shopping Center

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