Four Seasons Spa Yoga


Relax into this ultra-luxe yoga experience created by 889 Yoga for the Four Seasons Spa

A mindfully designed sequence of breathing and postures brings you into a blissful state of relaxation. Melt away your tension and calm your body and mind in gentle relaxing postures with the support of comforting props and individual attention from our extraordinary teacher. Beyond Bliss will bring balance, calm and clarity. Enjoy this juicy, restorative yoga spa experience even if you have yet to practice yoga.

$65 + HST

This exclusive experience is limited to 8 people. All participants must reserve their spot by calling the Four Seasons Spa at (416) 963-6009. Pre-registered guests will check-in on the ninth floor with Spa Reception prior to each class, and will have access to spa locker room amenities and the steam room.

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* if you missed this event, please check the Facebook page for updates on upcoming sesssions.

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