Moving into its 17th installation, Spa Week’s Fall 2012 Event will take place from October 15th – 21st when hundreds of spas (day, medical and resort), yoga and Pilates studios, fitness and nutrition centers, and other health and wellness practices nationwide will offer up to three signature treatments at the major discount of just $50 each. Spas and wellness facilities have become invested in improving overall health and well-being for consumers, rather than serving as only a brief escape from their hectic lifestyle. In alignment with this commitment to enrich consumer’s lives, the Fall 2012 Event will offer a wide variety of services that address the most vital health concerns including stress and pain management, weight loss and maintenance, mind-body balance and total fitness.

Such services will incorporate holistic and alternative therapies such as traditional, ancient medicine like acupuncture and cupping to Ayurveda, one of the most popular healing therapies today. In addition to these nurturing treatments for body and mind, consumers can also expect to see serious technology and innovation on the Spa Week menu. From colon hydrotherapy and non-invasive body contouring to stimulate weight loss, to advanced laser facials that go above and beyond tackling basic skincare concerns by helping to prevent and even treat skin cancer. The wellness possibilities are endless, and when it comes to personal health, Spa Week is a sure reason for consumers to make that once out of reach “me” time an affordable reality.

In order to receive exclusive information on spa and wellness locations and their $50 services, spa-goers should register on to book their most desired services.

The list for Toronto this year quite small, but why not give it a try:





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