Organizing your closet can help simplify your life, and save you time and money.  Here are some tips to get you started.

Start by purging items that do not fit your lifestyle, are worn out, and no longer fit you or makes you feel good. Think of purging as de-cluttering.  Selling clothing on ebay can make you some money or think about donating to a good cause.  If you have a hard time parting with your clothes, store them in storage Tupperware and revisit after a season or two.  Any item that you have not worn for over 1 year, should be eliminated with the exception of evening wear or outerwear.

Organize your closet by following a good sorting system, such as categories and colors. Optimize your closet space for easy access, make it easy to get dressed and undressed.  Hang your clothing in your closet as soon as you take them off.  Investing in good quality hangers will help with removing wrinkles and damage of clothing.  All lightweight items like T-Shirts and sweaters should be stored on shelves, avoid putting these in drawers.  Taking good care of your clothing prolongs it’s life, so you’re spending less on replacing worn pieces.

Perform a wardrobe assessment twice a year; spring and fall is ideal.  Knowing what’s in your closet will unsure you don’t buy pieces that are too similar. Make a list of items you will need and go shopping, remember to opt for quality not quantity.   Being stylish doesn’t mean you have to wear a new outfit daily.

A well-coordinated wardrobe will have you looking sharp and feeling confident.


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