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For years I would stick with the same brand of product for my daily face routine.  It worked, and I was always afraid to make a switch expecting the return of my teenage acne.  Becoming aware of how dangerous some of the ingredients were finally made me seek out a change.

A few months ago, I was introduced to a plant based CLEANSER by GRAYDON that made me say bid farewell to my old skin regimen. THE CLEANSER was very light, smelled very refreshing, and just made my skin feel clean!

Within the first few days of switching, I could see and feel the difference. I was enjoying the product so much I could not wait to finish my moisturizer and make a switch to GRAYDON.  I did a little bit more research on the product and found only pleasing things.

I’ve since tried three other products by GRAYDON.  THE GREEN CREAM, THE PUTTY, and THE BLAM.




THE GREEN CREAM – A good friend of mine gave this to me after hearing me gush about THE CLEANSER. It was nice and compact, perfect to try it out while I was away on vacation. It was like a salad for my skin, it smells good enough to eat, and applies lightly without any greasy residue.

THE PUTTY – While THE GREEN CREAM was perfect during my travels; I needed a little extra hydration for the cold, dry winter when I returned home.   THE PUTTY was rich, but had a surprisingly, non-oily consistency that melted right into my face and improved my slightly dry skin immediately.

THE BALM – Since THE PUTTY was not something I could use on daily basis, I consulted with Graydon Moffat herself at the ECO Beauty show and this is when she introduced me to THE BALM.  I must say this is the ultimate moisturizer for me!  It is the first cream I ever owned that worked with my red, irritated skin and made a noticeable difference.  It feels wonderful going on my skin and makes my face feel clean, refreshed, and ready to take on the day or help nourish my skin throughout the night.

I have already made a list of some other GRAYDON products I feel may work with my lifestyle and my skin and I look forward to trying and letting you know how they worked out.

So do you want healthy, smooth skin with tons of antioxidants, vitamins, with healing and calming properties?  Head over to ClincalLuxuryByNature.Com and find some salad for your skin!

GRAYDON – Clinical Luxury by Nature is a made locally with organic ingredients which work to maintain and restore the youthful beauty in your skin.  The products do not use any mineral oils, chemicals, parabens or sulfates. There are also no artificial dyes or synthetic aromas in any of the GRAYDON personal care family. Everyone wants gorgeous skin, and we should all be aware of what’s in our product, after all our skin is the largest organ and it gets hungry for good food just like us.



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