1. Getting the right style and fit is of the upmost importance. Comfort should always be on top of the list.
  2. Your bra size changes with age,  weight gain or loss and pregnancy.   According to WonderBra, you should get measured at least once a year.  Many boutiques provide this service free of charge.
  3. You shouldn’t worry about listed bra size; it’s the fit that’s important.
  4. Your bra should never be seen through your clothing – it will automatically seem too small.
  5. You need to have the right selection of bras;  t-shirt , strapless and sports are some examples.  All offer different support and shape , and are meant for different occasions.
  6. Bra straps should not be bulging, riding, digging into your shoulders, and should never fall off your shoulders.
  7. Sizes vary between brands.  When you find a brand that fits you well, go back for more, but don’t be afraid to try new brands.
  8. Use bra soap and/or a BraBag in your washing machine on delicate cycle.  Remember, hand wash is best.
  9. Keep your bras in a drawer.  Use  Bragnizer to keep your bras organized, easy to access, and to prevent them from loosing shape.
  10. Cleavage and comfort, without the wire. Victoria Secret , WonderBra and PINK provide a wide varity of wireless styles.

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