Finding a sushi making class in Toronto is not the easiest thing to do, and in some classes I’ve found you don’t even get to make your own sushi.  So, when I came across Sushi Making For The Soul, I immediately reserved 2 spots knowing that it will be a fun night out.  My family makes sushi at home we and are quite familiar with ingredients necessary for making good sushi, but you always learn tips and tricks from chefs during in these classes.

I invited my friend Christine to join me.  This class was at an event space called Aphrodite Cooks. We each had our own bamboo mat to make sushi.  The delicious rice, freshly sliced cucumber, avocado, raw salmon and tuna prepared by Master Sushi Chef Shin Aoyama.

We start off with a quick history of sushi, followed by some discussion on where to purchase the best products.  This leads into a demonstration by Sang Kim followed by some hands on practice time.  Everyone was really excited to see the end results.  We made hosomaki (one ingredients inside, nori on the outside), uramaki (rice on the outside and nori inside) and temaki (cone shaped hand roll).

Sang Kim’s class was a lot of fun, he keeps everyone on their toes by quizzing and making jokes.  I would recommend this class to anyone interested in learning how to make sushi.

website: Sushi Making for the Soul



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