Meal planning is great in so many ways. It helps you save time and money, and you waste a lot less food.

But many people often don’t meal plan because they think it’s going to be a really time consuming chore. These days, there are many services available online to help you with meal planning. These sites will allow you to set your menu for the week, and will automate tasks such as creating your grocery list.

Another option is this stylish and handy menu planner from Glow Baby. The Organized Family Menu Planner helps you organize each meal by week, build grocery lists, and stick to a food budget. I have been using it for a few weeks and I really like it. It comes with 52 weeks of Menu Planning worksheets. There are 7 days that are broken down by breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus snacks. The bonus, the detachable grocery list that helps you add items as you enter each meal.

First cross out any meals that you will not be eating at home, as planning will not be requested for these. I would start off by entering your breakfast recipes for the week, then continue with your lunches and dinners. Enter the recipe name to make or name of a meal that you might have made ahead time. As you enter your recipes, read over them, as this is the best time to start adding items to your grocery list. This will also help you plan ahead in case extra preparation is required ahead of time for certain ingredients. Next move on to your snacks, which don’t necessary require a recipe but are important in between meal, such as a fruit or some nuts.

So if you are ready to plan your next weekly menu, head over to Glow Baby and buy this menu planner. You will be impressed with the extra features it comes with like the envelope to store your recipes, and occasion planner that includes RSVP lists and measurement Conversion Chart.


website: www.glowbaby.ca

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